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Welcome to the Castle Defenders documentation

This mod is a new implementation of 1.2 Castle Defenders mod for Minecraft 1.5.2 created by Azurn. It is compatible with version 1.2 and runs on Minecraft 1.6.4, 1.7.2 and 1.7.10.
Except the models, all the mod has been completely rewritten. The buildings have also been recreated.

What is that mod about?

Within the daily fight against the evil mobs of minecraft, who could do without a strong army or great stuff? For those who are looking for allies, dungeons to plunder, or buildings to explore, Castle Defender has been made. It allows you to recruit some NPCs that can help you, but also adds new ennemies and buildings to your world.




Mercenaries spawn from blocks found in the mod’s buildings. They can be recruited with ressources and then will follow. They have special abilities as explained here and should help you during your journey!


Defenders spawn from certain blocks you can craft using the recipes shown here. They will hold their position the best they can, and may prevent you from mob raids. You can see the different types of defenders here.


Enemies spawn from special blocks you can find while exploring the mod’s dungeons. They have different kinds of attack explained here. You should prepare well before trying to kill them!


Castle Defenders’ NPCs spawn from different kind of blocks. There are two sorts of blocks: the craftable blocks you can create to add defenders to your home, and the uncraftable blocks that can only be found in the mod’s buildings and generates mercenaries or enemies.

By default, for each spawner block of Castle Defenders, a NPC can spawn if two conditions met: less than six allready spawn units in the chunk, none unit spawn in range of two blocks from the spawner.


There are two kinds of buildings in Castle Defenders: mercenary-type buildings, and dungeons. In the first ones you will meet villagers and mercenaries for hire. The second ones promiss to bring you great adventures and rewards.


You can craft Castle Defenders’ blocks using the recipes listed here.


To migrate your mod you can follow those instructions.


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